CKI Onboarding

Enable Testing for your Kernel Tree

If you would like to enable testing for your kernel tree, we'll need to know the following specifics:

  • Which kernel tree and branch we should test ?
  • Which tests should be run ?
  • Which arches should we test ?
  • Where should we send results ?

Please file a PR and we can help you fill in the remaining fields, or send email to with the details above.

Contributing Tests

There are various ways to contribute tests to CKI. LTP and kselftests are included test suites, among many others in CKI, for a full list of test suites visit our public tests repo.



Standalone Tests

  • If you want to contribute a stand alone test to CKI, you have an example that can be used as a template.
  • Please file a PR to to add a test to our public tests repo