Creating new repositories

Basic files

Start each repository with a LICENSE file (GPLv3 by default) and a file. Use the following template for the latter:

# [Project name]

Summary of what this project is, and why it's needed.

## Maintainers

[main maintainer] (primary) and [secondary maintainer] (secondary)

## Design principles

Write here the main design decisions behind this project, so that a
person wanting to get familiar with this code will understand the

## Developer guidelines

Write here what to consider and take into account before merging
changes into this repo, or tips while developing.

## Development

If relevant, explain here how to get a development version of the
project up and running. Also add information on how to run tests,
coverage checkers, linters, etc.

## Tests before merging changes

Write here the manual or semi-automated tests that should be performed
before merging any changes to this repo, along with instructions to
easily reproduce the results.

The containers repository is a good example of how to complete the README template.

Pull/Merge Request template

This is a useful template for the default text in Pull/Merge Requests. Feel free to tweak it to suit your project better, especially the first paragraph.

# For the requester

Make sure you have tested this properly before submitting your
request, e.g. by following the "Tests before merging changes" section
in the project ``.

Also, please review our
[development guidelines](
from time to time and make sure you stay familiar with them.

# For the reviewer

Please go through the [reviewer short checklist]( before merging.

To set this text as default PR/MR text, see the GitHub documentation or the GitLab documentation, depending on where your project is hosted.